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Magyar’s discrimination or Discrimination magyarisation?

The Leader of the Magyar Union in Romania stated: “Knowing the kind of law projects that existed in Parliament in the last period, that tried to constraint the minorities’ rights, being conscious of a such danger and being concerned of not copying what happened in Slovakia, we’ll try to prevent turning back in time to the old inter-ethnics tensions, and to stop any initiative that could constraint these rights.”

Let’s start by a small text analysis, just for underlining the manipulation intents in the above text:

Knowing” – who knows? Me, we, them?
… the kind of law projects that existed in Parliament …” – what kind of law projects existed in the Parliament? Good ones? Bad ones? It’s just not clear.
… that tried to constraint the minorities rights …” – who, the above unspecified projects? And who are the minorities we are talking about? It’s becoming more and more unclear …
… being conscious of a such danger …” – Who’s talking about any danger? What is such a “heavy” word used just for sustaining an unspecified thing?
…we’ll try to prevent turning back in time to the old inter-ethnics tensions …” – but did we ever had, at least in the last period, interethnic tensions? Did the Magyars and the Romanians fight to death? Or did we ever fight with the different nationalities? Or none of the above respected their position in line while they were trying to buy some milk during communism? Or where were those tensions than? Oh, I see, maybe it’s about the tensions that appeared in those moments in time in which some reckless individuals considered that they own a part of Romania. And more than that, the ordinary Magyars or Romanians, hard working people as we are, don’t benefit for nothing out of this. There are indeed just 2-3 manipulators who do all kind of statements in the name of the many.

The conclusion – this is just an example of mindless statement, with no background to sustain it, generated just to create miss-informing. And what for? What the heal have the elections, the percentages, the political alliances etc, have to do with inter-ethnical tensions?

Many have said, and still say about Vadim (Ultra-nationalist political leader) that he’s insane, that he lives a continuous conspiracy theory. But about the others’ insanity why we don’t hear anything? Does anyone think (except the Magyars’ leader, Marko Bela) that the Romanians sit at the border of the Harghita and Covasna counties (where most of the Magyars live in), alert 24/7, waiting for the moment in which they will be able to constraint the Magyars? Or maybe the constraining already begun?

I look around and I don’t succeed in recognizing anything of the statements made by the fellow Marko Bela, actually I live in a city where the Magyars are highly presents, and I never had the opportunity to see any constrained Magyar so far. In fact, and don’t know if there is anyone who still uses the term “Magyar“ – we are in fact work colleagues, neighbors, friends, we are buying same kinds of tickets for traveling, we are using the same side-walks, we are shopping at the same stores etc. And I don’t know if anyone ever thought something like: “Look at the Magyar, he’s buying sausages from my Romanian sausages store”. It’s a non-sense.

Even the single notion of “minority” is used with a tent of discrimination, but mostly as a auto-discrimination, in the attempt to obtain supplementary rights and benefits than all of us. No one has an approach like: “Today I met the Magyar in the bathroom”, or “I went to the see a football game with the Magyar”. Than, what is the purpose of all that?

Their difficulties are ours too, their troubles are ours too, the Government doesn’t represent any of us, abusive taxes are paid by all of us, we all bribe the state etc. Why are some trying to gain additional rights that all of us have, just for a small group of people? Isn’t this just another form of discrimination for the other nationalities, including the Romanians? When you are in the Government, you should represent your country’s interests in general, or you just have to help your co-nationals, or your aunt in your home-village?

If we take it in another way, assuming that indeed is good that someone represents separate interests for separate people, that what did Mr. Marko Bela do in all these centuries in which he occupied a worm chair in the Government? Does the Magyars have a better life? Do they have higher salaries, do they travel for free, do they have safer retirement programs, do they have deductions for different taxes, do they have more productive companies? Heal no. We are all in the same situation.

I avoid in a certain measure to make statements regarding the interests of those who pretend to represent different people categories, but I can afford still to leave a question mark regarding the final purpose of those individuals.

And not to forget. Marko Bela, I know you’re a loyal reader of my blog, so I would have to ask you that starting now, to become a serious man, and start working, because you did enough talking ‘till now. And if you really start working, and we have the chance to see al least 0.1% of the results, I promise you will have my vote in 4 years from now, and I’m sure there will be more like me.
But, until than, go and do some real work, now you’re holding us too. Thank you.


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