Reality check

How to lose weight in no time, 100% guaranteed

Yes, I was thinking that I could also share with all the others an infallible method of losing weight, guaranteed, and that doesn’t imply enormous sacrifices. Why is it that only those web sites for women, like ele, eva, cosmopolitan, petocuri, subtocuri, femeia etc should handle the mighty secret of cheap and rapid losing weight procedures?!
So, coming back to the main topic, my “losing weight procedure” is addressed to the two main important categories of psychic instable persons: the ones that have the weight slightly above 20 kg, but still have the impression that something is hanging – and the assume this is fat, and second, the persons who are struggling to keep their optimum weight under 250 kg. (I have to make the remark here, that because of the credibility of this blog, this post doesn’t refer to those who have indeed a medical problem causing over or underweight).

Let’s start with our first target category: misses, or worse, ladies, who have the weight almost equal to the weight of the clothes they are wearing, in their continuous struggle to be sexy, trendy, cool etc. My “losing weight procedure” for these creatures is voluntary death – anyway, you know how it’s being said – the body is just a prison of the soul – so you can give it up. Good luck!

For the second category – that of the misshapen creatures who easily exceed 250 kg – one single piece of advice – Stop eating! Just don’t eat! Never. Nothing. Your body has enough resources to live with (and most probably may also feed one additional 3rd world country community) for at least 10 years.

The world has gone crazy, all I find are just losing weight procedures, and in the same time all I see are just “sexy ladies” with the hamburger in their mouth – for the reason that they don’t have the necessary time to cook. So they prefer to eat (along with the mentioned hamburger) all kinds of roots, leaves, spines, citric peels, strange teas, – or to have dissociative meals – today they eat with the upper teeth, tomorrow with the lower teeth – or at least this is how I understand dissociative eating.

Well, give us a break ladies, and by the way, why don’t you do some real work and you’ll see how you’ll loose weight. Don’t stand motionless at work in an office cozy chair, or home, with the legs spread up.

This post is dedicated to all the women who lost their brains during the losing weight process.

Let’s be serious.


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  1. Sa fim serioshi dom”le ca daca am avea si noi ceva griji pe cap,sub/supra/ponderabilitatea altor persoane si grija lor ptr.slabit nu ne-ar afecta asa tare pe cat te straduiesti nea’tale atat de amar sa subliniezi.Conluzia-“traim bine,dom’le!”

    Comment by Anonymous | January 14, 2009 | Reply

  2. In english? Nice… But why?

    Comment by ally78it | January 28, 2009 | Reply

  3. This is one attempt of combining what’s needed with what’s pleasant. The final objective si to catch up and translate the entire blog, and that to proceed accordingly on-going.
    See ya.

    Comment by flpmihai | January 28, 2009 | Reply

  4. nice work… good luck then!

    Comment by ally78it | February 9, 2009 | Reply

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