Reality check

Avoid Crisis – Stimulate Consumption

Wow, wow, not so fast! I didn’t mean start consumption now.
This is a very well known idea that our politicians are presenting to us a the saving solution for getting out of the crisis. Buy more, and the companies will be forced to produce more, therefore thay will hire new people, paying more taxes to the local and central budget and so on.
Well, I have to disagree. We’ll just buy more, and the rest of the workers who are still having a job, will struggle more for same amount of money. So, the money won’t be visible at individual level.
So, stop buying, let the crisis run crazy, let us be impacted by the decline of automotive industry, real-estate business etc (like I care), let us un-adviced. The only industry sector you should be worried is your automotive industry menaing the car insurance, the real estate business menaing the bank loan for you small appartment etc. Let’s think micro, let the others deal macro.
What’s happening now is the right thing .. ofcourse I wouldn’t say that to someone who just got fired … But it’s the right way of being, economy goes up and now – it’s just the financial cicle. This is the greatest opportunity to use our brains to decide instead of being decided, to think twice when buying anythig, to use our judgement against all agressive advertisers and market specialists.
So, don’t buy unless you’re hungry, thirsty or naked. 🙂
See you arround.

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