Reality check


First let me thank you for your commitment and trust. It’s not what you would expect? Maybe, I’ve been through that – always wanting something big to happen but will no comitment.
So, instead of spending hours and hours of our limited time searching happiness on internet, let connect first, let’s introduce ourselves, let’s know eachother.
Let us bring bag what sometimes used to be called socializing. And then, we can start our journey in criticize as I said “all that can be criticized”. It will be fun, or not – I can not say. But for sure it will be interesting.
If you don’t like this place, feel free to propose another one – in fact this is the purpose of this litle piece of web: Just feel free!
So, welcome again.

February 12, 2009 - Posted by | Uncategorized


  1. Hy Mihai! Thank you for your warm welcome note! Your proposal seems to be interesting, therefore I will come again on this blog, in order to debate upon disputed topics. I’m confident in meeting here devoted members, with pertinent opinions. Gog look in your ambitious “real project” , and I assure you it isn’t to much for me to handle it; hope so: )) Sorry for any present and further English mistake; it will not be an impediment in activating this virtual discussion space ! See you and other new members!

    Comment by mica | February 12, 2009 | Reply

  2. .

    Comment by Anonymous | February 28, 2009 | Reply

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