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European Union, a nice packed lie

In all European Union countries act now all kind of political parties that stand against Europe federalization, process identified my many as autonomy lost, economical independence abandon, and as individual freedoms erosion. In Great Britain, United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) has now 12 deputies in the European Parliament, and has presented honorable results at the last general elections. Unfortunately, Great Britain by not having a proportional election system, UKIP couldn’t reach until now any parliament tenure in its own country.
UKIP is described as “anti-European”, which is far for reality, this party being indeed anti-EU, but for a Europe of the nation states, free to join any favorable association for the national interest.
UKIP’s arguments are simple and driven by national interest, understanding in the same time the nations are based on negotiating these interests by the free elected representatives.
Contributions – huge, advantages – zero For Great Britain, the annual contributions to the UE budget represent a huge expense and national resources depletion. The direct contribution is now about 11 billions pounds per year, but The Institute of Directors (high-society British organization, influenced, pro-EU) estimates that this cost is actually double, due to the cost of applying the new legislation and due to the lost in fishing and agriculture. It has been estimated that the withdrawal from EU would bring to great Britain an advantage of 25 billions pounds per year!
The British Parliament looses his authority an power to defense the people’s interests (no wonder that fewer and fewer voters attend the elections). In general, now the European Parliaments accept the Brussels laws, made up by a high-society administration, on which they have no power. The member states are continuously flooded by some “low reco” (including the legal curve of the bananas and cucumbers), which proves to be so expensive and depressing, as well as fatal for medium and small sized entrepreneurs. Four out of five laws which applies to Great Britain comes from Brussels. The EU Regulations sententious states that the officials are not allowed to take into account their home country’s interests, the European law having priority.
UKIP shows that Great Britain can’t follow any more its own agricultural and fishing strategies, based on optimal self-supplying and maximizing its own resources. Common Agricultural Policy proved to be highly costing and harmful, for the environment, for the country economical interests, and for the third world countries that don’t have the possibility to sale their products in fair conditions.
Again, very strange is the idea of “harmonizing” that doesn’t allow to the member states to take advantage of their own advantages, In Great Britain, a more relaxed commercial law for supporting the small sized industry is almost extinguished.
In the banking field, adopting the euro currency means delegating the national economy management to the Central European Bank. The surveys show the British don’t yet want to hear about euro, and for that reason the govern parties don’t want yet a referendum for this aspect. They are waiting first that the brain washing to have full effect. UKIP is concerned that once they switch to the only European currency, a fiscal harmonization will be done; meaning tax raising to the level of Germany and France, countries that are now in full economic decline.
UKIP shows that European Union belongs to the past. Not like the countries joining the NAFTA agreement (North American Free Trade Agreement), EU is not a free trade zone, but a zone with custom protectionism, created for the profit of administrative elite along with major corporations.
Another European nonsense: EU impose additional expenses to any small sized business in Great Britain, including the 90% who don’t commercially connect in any way with other EU countries, these business units not exporting anything to EU.
Just a new Soviet Union In the same manner, Brussels want to “sovietize” the European nations, creating an Europe of regions, that will facilitate the control over the countries. For this reason, all the independent or seceding exhibitions of any regional ethnic group, are actively supported by Brussels (by the idea “divide et impera”, on which it’s added the new version “corrupt and rule” – illustrated for example by the powerful pro-homosexual lobby and by the generalization of social protection.
EU has more chances to succeed that the formal Soviet Union because EU, with the support of the biggest monopolistic corporations, will give to the people “what they want”: plenty of food (poor quality, but nicely packed, mainly based on sugar, fat and artificial flavors, like **********), pharmaceutical products able to make one’s life more comfortable, cheap movies, stupid music, show sports, pets and free access to any sexual fantasy.
Who would want revolution, having all these?
The individual can retreat in a cocoon where he can exist alone, all his needs being fulfilled by EU and by the state. Once become total addicted, he will feel terror towards any initiative that could change his status-quo. In the countries that recently joined (Spain, Portugal, Ireland), it has been injected huge amounts, so that the people believe the EU is some kind of heavenly gift, a mother of all wounded. These countries are very much alike to the first winners of those pyramid games.
But soon, the pay-back will come, especially after the joining of the new “poor” countries in the Union.

Source: – Mariana Bell –


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