Reality check

How to make money at home

You just can’t. Unless you want to spend all your money for “subscribing fees“, or any other “necessary packages” in order to start you “life changingcareer.
I had enough of all this “work from home” challenges, with over 2.000 usd earnings per day. I admit that I had the same goal once with this blog. I imagined myself earning thousands of dolars just through people liking what I say. In fact the reality is that noone gives a shit on what others think.
I’ve seen all the “site improvement tips“, and I tried to apply them, but than I gave up? Why? It’s not me. I can not write on command, I can not post my topics as some standard rules sugest. I can not write about something that I don’t even care, I enjoy writing my own posts, about my own life – true life. Not some junk about iPods, latest news in I don’t know what domain, free energy, money making tips etc. This is not me.
Some say I may lose a lot from this approach – but they have no idea how much I’ve earn just for being me. No, not money, but all the other things that count in life.
See you arround.

February 16, 2009 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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