Reality check

My birthday – is it a happy one?

It’s Monday. I wake up at 7 o’clock … well, at least I try to wake up. I go brush my teeth, wash my hands, my face and whatever I find in the way, and than I realize that I’m finally awake.
I go in the kitchen having the certainty that there’s a coffee around there somewhere – I trust my wife for this one. By the way, does anyone know when is my wife waking up? I always find fresh coffee, nice clean clothes and basically all I need to pursuit my career undisturbed.

Ok, I drink my coffee, I smoke 1-2 cigarettes, I take on few clothes and I head to the office with the deepest thought that this time will be different, I’ll catch-up all the tasks that were not finalized yet, I’ll have energy for the entire day, I’ll do what no one has done before. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

After 8-9 hours of work … Ok, maybe only 7 hours of work out of 8-9 hours of sitting at the office. So, after 7 hours of work, I go home, drink an additional coffee in order to be able to see something except memorized tables, excel files, business priorities etc, and than I wonder what the heal can I do to relax. Sometimes I watch a movie, sometimes I read an old book, sometimes I just waste my time on the internet, and from time to time I spend some so-called quality time with my few friends (few, since I’m new in the town), and sometimes, or better said, many times – I just have long interesting discussions with my wife on various subjects.

Than I go to sleep … again.

And there it goes one day, one week, one month, … an entire year. I look back and what do I see? Wasted time, at least most of it.

Ok, but what does quality time look like? Spending thousands of Euros for unneeded stuff? Spending unending time with many so-called friends? Or, hoping that if I invest my time and energy for learning new thing all the time, this will bring me happiness?

I don’t know the answer, and I’m positive most of you think the same, and actually as I saw onetime in a book – Time and happiness are those that are happening to others while we waste our time thinking about the future. Time is now, and it was always like this.

Yes, tomorrow it’s my birthday, in case you were wondering what got into me to discuss about “higher self” and “fulfilling”. Another year passed by, another close-up, another list with uncompleted tasks, new list with renewed dreams.

I just hope this year I’ll have the clarity more than ever to acknowledge the happiness that surrounds me every day, at each step, without worrying about the future and without regretting the past.


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  1. la multi anisori fa… mergi inchis ca butelia… ca sa nu dai de baut,ha?

    Comment by ally78it | April 10, 2009 | Reply

  2. Imi place despre tine.

    Comment by Liv | September 3, 2009 | Reply

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