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Anti On Line Gaming Movement

I had a dream, or better said I had a dream. A dream in which each of us find pleasure in life, find pleasure in thinking, find pleasure in work even. Was it a dream or … ?

It all started, or it finally added up to the limit, when I started playing a stupid game “FarmVille”. I planted few plants here and there, I bought some stupid animals (or me, stupid, bought some animals), I extended my farm, I even got presents, lot of them. I thought at that time it’s fun.

But it wasn’t. In fact it was time consuming, and effort wasting. I started feel guilty (I don’t know if this is the proper word) about receiving too many gifts, and not sending something back, about people wanting to become “their neighbor” without knowing what that implies.

I felt really stupid when I was showing to my wife “what a beautiful farm I have”. I even thought it could become “our” farm. I felt like a 14 years gaming freak. Probably this is also due to the fact that it’s been, I don’t know, maybe 5 years since the last time I played a game on the internet.

Now, I saw myself ending up waiting for the “crops to grow”, waiting for the others to “fertilize my crops”, waiting for the tree to be ready for “harvesting”, and so many other “waitings”. Was that fun?

After all, why are these people develop this kind of games? For socializing, for networking, for quality time spending? The truth? No, they actually do it for traffic, and for adds. And we buy it. We feel like we’re part of some kind of brotherhood, we feel like we’re part of something. No, we’re not part of something, we’re actually part of anything by playing this game.

When was the last time you spend a real good time with a colleague? When was the last time you really send someone a gift? When was the last time you “fertilized” someone else’s work, without expecting something in return? When was the last time when you shared your “farm”, your achievements with your colleagues, not being afraid they might still your knowledge, your knowhow, when was the last time you communicated, really communicated with your colleagues at work on real, significant matters (work or personal related)?

It’s time to quit the silly games, and return in the real life. You don’t know what to do with it?! It doesn’t surprise me at all.

Gaming … A way to bring people together, or a perfect way to break them apart?! Now it’s up to you to answer this question.

Grow up. Let’s build new, solid relations. We have to spend 8+ hours at the office, why shouldn’t we make them the greatest times of our lives?! We can prove right here what we can “build” in terms of professional achievements, as well as inter-personal relations.

You know how it’s said: if by the time you’ve competed your work the things are the same, you didn’t really do your job. And believe me, I know – by that time you’ll be already angry and disappointed, you’ll feel like your employer if an unfair beast who only tried to catch you “with your pants down”, when actually you were the one who was … playing FarmVille. And I’m not talking here about the time you spend at work, since it’s quite impossible to do that in an open space, I’m talking about the behavior, the destructive behavior of giving up to some IT specialist that created some 2D moving images. Come on guys! We’re smarter than that.

 Looking forward for your opinions, even if not in line with my believes. After all, this is what the progress is based on – on constructive conflicts. Big fights lead to big ideas.

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  1. Wow – I was doubting I will hear you say this: “We have to spend 8+ hours at the office, why shouldn’t we make them the greatest times of our lives?! We can prove right here what we can “build” in terms of professional achievements, as well as inter-personal relations.”

    It’s good to hear there is it still a hope for you to join your work place 🙂

    Comment by Z | December 4, 2009 | Reply

  2. I’ll have to share my dissapointment on your commment, unfortunatelly. “it’s still a hope for you to join your work place”. So that means that untill now … But never mind.
    Maybe I should add, and most probably I’ll get back with a separate article, that I will never, and I mean never, “join” the “work place” as it is, just for becoming part of something. I’m really proud of working where I am working, I’m really proud doing what I do, I’m even proud of having several colleagues that deserves to be proud of. Still, I will never become part of that part of “work place” that is characterized by lies, miss-understandings, unhealthy behaviour, stupid jokes, over-reaction, lack of gratitude, and most of all – lack of work appreciation.
    I’ve seen a lot, or maybe just enough, to understand that when I will move to my next “mission” I would like to be remembered as the guy that made thinks work, and not as the guy that worked with the thinks …

    Comment by flpmihai | December 4, 2009 | Reply

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